Viva Totalscope is flourishing company of Viva Group of Companies Located in Delhi, India. The group Companies have excellent track record in Export and Import trade.

In Viva Totalscope our mission is an endeavour to give a rare facility to the plant engineers in Industry. They can now avail the use of imported tools which are used by their counterparts all over the world. We understand the need of the engineers and realize just how important it is to have the right tools. We have talked with the plant engineers and executives in the industries, researched, investigated all over the world, tested the products and then listed them in this website. The tools and devices offered in this website have been specially hand - picked for their exceptional quality and value.

We also facilitate to our customers by extending the tailor made / custom made item as per their specific need. In order to develop and supply these type of requirements, we are associated with various manufacturers who develop products as per our specifications.

The value of these products is best appreciated by their users and we have done the utmost on our part to offer the best prices possible. In fact, we have absorbed all the intermediary costs and made it convenient for you to acquire world class products and have them delivered at your doorstep.

Now a greater responsibility lies on our shoulders - to reach the remotest corners of this vast global market so that every engineer in the industry is given an opportunity to be at par with his/her colleagues all over the world. Greater awareness and the use of modern tools and devices will eventually lead to quality output, which is the key to success in this present era of Globalisation.

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